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A fantastic plugin that allows you to display age restriction message to the visitors while visiting site. Display message in multiple pages, You can set custom menu items where(which pages) you want to show this message. Two Custom Themes are available in this plugin.

Core Features

Custom Message

Write any message 18+ alart or Age verification message

Control In Back End

You have every control to customize the front end

Use Logo

Display You website logo in the message

Two Custom Themes

Amazing user interface and fully customizable .

Display Home Multiple Pages

You can display this message in the Home page as well as other pages. controls are in the back end

Custom Link

You can set custom link to redirect users who does not meet you requirement(message)

age-restriction-message-display-back-12 age-restriction-message-display-back-23 age-restriction-message-display-back-34 age-restriction-message-display-front-15 age-restriction-message-display-front-26
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