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Testimonial Fader 5.2
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Powerful Testimonials Joomla Extension


  • Option to add testimonial by user
  • Manage testimonials and lot
  • 30 different styles to set (6 colors + 5 types of quotes)
  • You can display your testimonials at any module position using this easy to configure Testimonial Fader .
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Version 5.2 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2022-04-09
Website JED Developer Infyways Solutions
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 20 $ EUR

Key Features of Testimonial Fader



  • Form Options : Name, Email Id, Write Testimonial and CAPTCHA [To avoid spamming].
  • Users can add testimonials using testimonial form ★ After submitting the testimonial it doesn't show up instantly in the website till the webmaster publish it at the backend.
  • The approved or published testimonials can be listed in a page using the component.
  • Support Joomla SEF
  • Language Settings added in v 3.5


  • Can manage the testimonials : Add, Edit, Delete, Publish and Unpublish
  • The published testimonial can be shown in the Testimonial Fader Module or in a list
  • Option to edit form CSS


  • Option to add Module Suffix
  • Option to enable or disable jQuery
  • JS file can be added in the body or head to avoid conflicts with other js files
  • Height and Width of the testimonial Block can be set
  • Testimonial and author Font, Color, Size and weight can be set in the module parameter
  • User Defined font can also be set for the testimonials
  • 30 different styles to set (6 colors + 5 types of quotes)
  • Animation Speed and timeout can be set in Milliseconds.
  • Fade and Slide effects for testimonial
  • Show testimonials randomly or sequentially.
  • Testimonials can either be fetched from components or module.
  • If set to module the testimonials and author can be added.
  • Option to shorten the testimonial and add a read more link .
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