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Form Maker Pro 3.6.18
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The extension is ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts. It can be used for creating various types of form including contact, mailing list, survey, application, event registration and party invitation forms.

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Version 3.6.18 Created
System Joomla 2.5 & 3 Changed 2020-12-12
Website JED external Developer Web-Dorado external
License GNU/GPL external Original Price in Developer Site 30 $ EUR

Form Maker uses drag and drop feature, which allow easily move form fields for simple management. This will help to align form fields next to each other, arrange fields within a section.

The extension uses verification for some of the form fields, such as Email field and Number field, so that user will have to fill in data relevant to field type.

You can add Google map using a simple user-friendly interface. The desired address can be added in a few seconds using the address searching interface or by filling in geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude). Form Maker comes integrated with Google Maps API.

Form Maker features :

  • All modern browsers are supported
  • Full responsive extension and compatible with all mobile devices. So it the forms look good with all devices.
  • Fully integrated with PayPal with different checkout modes (PayPal Test Mode and PayPal Production) and five field types. (Amount, Select, Checkbox, Radio, and Shipping).
  • Fourteen main form fields -Custom HTML element -Text Input -Multiple choice -Single choice -Survey tools -Time and Date -Select box -File upload -Page break -Section break -Map -Paypal -Captcha -Button
  • Custom HTML for displaying images and custom text in between form fields
  • Integrated with the standard Joomla! editor
  • Custom JavaScript Support
  • Conditional fields for connecting form fields with a special logic

Form Maker allows creating multi-page forms, you can also separate the form into sections with different number of columns. Every field includes additional -attributes, where you can customize the specific properties for the form fields using Javascript. You can also make use of hidden fields. You can set fields to required not allowing the submitter to submit the form without filling the out.

The extension allows uploading files. The size of the acceptable file can be adjusted, in addition you can choose the file extensions you want to allow uploading to your form. Multi-file upload is also supported.

Form Maker can be used both in Joomla articles or be assigned to a custom position being used as a module.
The extension comes packed with advanced email settings and options. You can send submitted forms both to user and administrator. For the users you can allow to choose whether receive form submission or not using Send copy to submitter option field.

In addition to being sent as an email, form entries are also being stored in database/Submissions section. Here you can browse the entries based on different filters or check out submissions statistics. CC and BCC options are supported for forwarding form entries to multiple users.

The themes section can be used for changing form overall design. The extension has default themes, which can be modified to fit your website design. In addition you can create your own themes and use them for individual forms. To check out themes you can use Preview button

To get overall idea about the extension you can check out 11 sample forms coming with the extension. You can create your own forms using the default ones as a basis for that- forms can be copied. In addition you can create your own forms from scratch.

Spam protection of the forms is being handled in two ways. You can add Captcha/Google ReCaptcha to your form or in case of specific IP submissions you can use IP restriction.

If you are using forms for receiving socially shareable data, you can use front-end submissions possibility. Note that you can choose the fields you want to display here and you can also choose the page audience limiting the form field display to specific user level.

For advanced users of the Form Maker there are multiple opportunities. First of all you can use form layout section to edit the form appearance at coding level.

For getting or sending field values you can use MySQL Mapping. This way you can connect forms to different databases. There is also an option to use external values within the forms using connect to database feature within selection fields (select, single choice and multiple choice form fields).

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