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redFORM 3.3.12
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redFORM is an advanced form system for Joomla

This forms extension let you make different kind of forms in a heartbeat. It is easy and fast to customize your own forms and only integrate the specific fields, that you need.

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Version 3.3.12 Created
System Joomla 2.5 & 3 Changed 2019-12-04
Website JED external Developer redCOMPONENT external
License GNU/GPL external Original Price in Developer Site 9 $ EUR

Create forms for all occasions!

  • Manage unlimited number of unique forms
  • Assign access level permissions to each form
  • Define publishing and expiration dates
  • Style forms differently using CSS hooks
  • Supports multiple captcha methods
  • Native integrations with redCOMPETITION, redEVENT and redMEMBER
  • Display forms within Joomla articles or 3rd party extension content
  • Compatible with SEF

Customizations and notifications

  • Allow email aliasing
  • Modify submission confirmation messages
  • Customize email notification templates using tags
  • Send notifications to those who submitted the form
  • Send notifications to form contact person
  • Option to inform admin of submissions
  • Conditional rules for submission handling

Multi-purpose form fields

  • 15 field types available, each with their own parameters:
  •   Text based fields (text field, textarea, WYSIWYG)
  •   Option based fields (radio, checkbox, select, multi-select)
  •   Account based fields (Joomla username, full name, email address)
  •   Date field to display calendar and collect date and time
  •   File upload field to collect form attachments
  •   Recipient field to select additional email recipients
  • Newsletter integrations with CCNewsletter, PHPList, Acyba, Acymailing
  • Define when fields are required and / or should be unique
  • Assign redMEMBER field data to redFORM fields

Payment processing

  • Accept payments for light item sales or manual subscription fees
  • Accept payments in over 50+ currencies
  • Modify payment processing and confirmation messages
  • Customize email payment notification templates
  • Define price value for each field option
  • Allow negative totals when calculating total price


  • Handles contact forms, reservations, jobs, donations, polls, sales
  • Simple overview with submission and form statistics
  • Database storage of all submitted data
  • Filter statistics by form
  • View the details of each submission (admin)
  • Import fields and submissions for quicker form creation
  • CSV export of submissions and related field data
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