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Create responsive forms faster than ever before! CForms is the ultimate WYSIWYG drag & drop form builder for Joomla. You can easily create beautiful and responsive forms with different fields, captchas, validations, payments and a lot more.

Create forms for

  • Contact forms
  • Reservation / Booking forms
  • Support Requests
  • Customer Survey forms
  • Order forms including Payment
  • Job Applications
  • ...

faster than ever before!

Full Drag & Drop support

You directly edit the real form with full Drag and Drop support.


Set up conditions when a field should be shown or hidden!

Designs / Template

Choose between beautiful pre-made designs / templates for your form


CForms offers extended validations for fields, from length, over Number or Email validators.

Confirmation Pages

With CForms you can show confirmation pages at the end of the form, just enable it in the menu options.

Spam Protection

CForms comes with support for Google reCaptcha and integrates the Joomla CSRF anti-spoofing protection.

Custom submission Emails

You can easily modify the submission email sent by CForms to your own needs.

Joomla data mapping and form pre-population

You can pre-populate fields dynamically with data from the Joomla user profile, the Joomla user profile plugin or Community Builder.


cForms offers multiple export options, like CSV, XML and JSON. You can adjust the Export Templates to your own needs and attach files to your submissions emails.

Extensive statistics

cForms offers statistics and charts, allowing you to keep track of your submissions, visitors and forms!

Available form fields

  • Text-Field
  • Text-Area
  • Password
  • Dropdown / Select
  • Radio Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Number Input-Field
  • Date picker / Calendar-Field
  • Email Input-Field
  • Color Input-Field
  • Range Input-Field
  • File upload (highly flexible and secure)
  • Spacer
  • Spacer with Text
  • Tons of advanced fields, like:
    • Google Captcha
    • PayPal Button
    • Terms and Conditions
  • ..

Missing one? Just drop us a line!


The generated forms are fully compatible to all browsers starting even with Internet Explorer 8.

cforms-12 cforms-23 cforms-34 cforms-45 cforms-56 cforms-conditionals7 cforms-designs8 cforms-fields-bg9
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4 years ago
am having issues with the
I cant set the field as required in the form need help?

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4 years ago
Need help i can set any of the field as required on the form

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