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jomDefender 2.2
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Most hacker attacks are preventable. Instantly protect your website from most attacks with jomDefender, a must-have first line of defense for every Joomla-powered website.

Views 7,100 Downloads 63
Version 2.2 Created
System Joomla 2.5 & 3 Changed 2020-09-02
Website JED Developer corePHP
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 15 $ EUR

Each day, Joomla websites all over the world come under attack from ruthless hackers who deface front pages, delete critical data, upload malicious viruses, and steal sensitive customer information. Sadly, most hacker attacks cost owners dozens of hours and often thousands of dollars to repair. jomDefender is a must-have plugin to help you avoid costly downtime and embarrassing hacker attacks.

Casual hackers don’t want to work too hard to gain entry to a site or server. They simply scan websites, looking for known identifiers that tell them whether a site is running a software they're particularly skilled at breaking and entering. Unfortunately, Joomla is often targeted by hackers, due to its popularity, and also due to many site owners who do not properly protect themselves from intrusion.

Running a site without jomDefender is like leaving your car running, with the doors wide open, in a crowded parking lot, in the bad part of town. Every single day. You're inviting trouble, and sooner or later, that trouble will find you, and take you for a ride you'll never forget.

Once hackers can identify the software, they will run pre-fabbed hacker scripts to help them gain control of your site, and the rest is history. All your content, data and customer information could then be wide open for the hacker to take, and often sell to others too. jomDefender keeps your Joomla applications hidden and protected, to prevent attacks from casual hackers, by scrubbing known Joomla identifiers from your site.

Additionally, jomDefender also protects your site with security features such as an extra admin login screen (makes hackers guess two unique admin passwords instead of one), front end & backend IP ban/blocking, and much more. We've even added a bonus feature in jomDefender that lets you find the best configuration for your website to optimize its page-load time.

Featureas and Benefits of jomDefender:

  • Remove template positions code, ‘?tp=1’
  • Remove generator tag
  • Remove word Joomla!
  • Remove HTML white space
  • Remove Joomla! PHP header
  • Add a new Admin password prompt
  • Allow/Deny IP addresses to the back-end/front-end of your site
  • Disable plugin functionality
  • Caching mechanism
  • Page execution time display
  • File integrity checks
  • Login/Logout CSRF prevention
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jomDefender 2.2
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