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Many people want a solution for your website, so that on the one hand were the comments, and on the other side of the forum, for the accumulation of comments, and the discussion could lead here and there, but still, that is easy to configure and does not require neither any special knowledge. Such a solution we offer.

All that you need - is: to register MUUT service , install our plugin and paste the html code into Joomla offline material.

  • Localization: Russian and English.
  • Working with com_content and Seblod
  • Support for multilingual sites - plugin chooses language, depending on the locale of the site.
  • The possibility of excluding categories for output plugin.
  • Ability output plug for the tag {jlmuut}.
  • The possibility of a ban plugin output on the tag {jlmuut-off}.
  • Ability to customize repostiting of different categories in different categories of Joomla forum.
  • Management js libraries.
Only registered and logged in users can download this file.

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