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Auto Currencies Converter for Virtuemart 3.1.4
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You want to approach more clients who come from different countries. You can totally make your store a flexible one with Virtuemart Currency Languages Converter. The extension allows admin set up the list of currencies and helps customers quickly to convert the specific currencies when language is changed accordingly.


  • Auto-detect geographical address: The geographical IP technology detects and converts the languages according to the user's IP address. Then it automatically changes into the corresponding languages and currencies.
  • One language for many countries: The extension allows admin redirecting a group of countries to a language. It can save you a lot of time to adjust your site.For example, you want all shoppers who come from Asia using Chinese, and then you just choose a list of Asian countries and redirect them to Chinese URL on your website.
  • Currencies supported from Google or Yahoo: In the backend, admin can select the exchange rate from Google or yahoo so that the price can be converted exactly through the rate of Google or yahoo. For example, you sell a tool at 10 EUR. A client comes from US who wants to change the rate into the US, so he can choose the US in the currency selector and all your products will display prices in the US, the price will now be 13,27USD (depending on Google Currency Rate at that day).
  • Front-end shoppers can choose Currency and Language based on the front-end module: the Package also includes Virtuemart Currency Converter and Virtuemart Languages Switcher, after installing them, you can publish them in any module positions you want.
  • The plugin and both 2 Virtuemart modules can combine each other very well: Giving you a POWERFUL solution for your shoppers. For example, they can even read the product details in English but the price is in Euro €, an unlimited combination based on shoppers choice.
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