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DM A/B Test is a straight-simple Joomla component & module that allows webmasters to perform easy A/B module testing on their site.

Just create the test, write the 2 module content versions to test, set the target checkpoint URLs and publish the module: DM A/B Test will split the 2 module content versions among your visitors and keep track of their passage on the checkpoint URLs (for example your checkout page). You'll be able to check the results of your tests, tracking the percentage of visitors that passed through each checkpoint depending on the content they saw.


  • Creating A/B tests in Joomla has never been easier!
  • Make tests and check results directly from Joomla!
  • No need of being an expert of Google Analytics;
  • Perform multiple tests at the same time.


  • In your front page, create 2 versions of the call-to-action module, anche check which one converts more;
  • In an e-commerce website, check whether showing testimonials in each product page means more sales or not.
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