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J2Store Grouped product 1.16
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Group your products and allow your customers add them all or selected in one single click.

It is one of the composite product type. It adds Grouped product type to your online store. This essential means that it comprises one or more child items. Grouped products make it possible to bring together several single products under one roof without them having to share any specific features.

The child items are listed in a neat table and the customer can enter their desired quantity for each item. Then click the add to cart to add them all to the cart and checkout. This freedom is restricted only by the items’ availability and configuration settings for the maximal number of products in cart.

Choose child items in an ajax interface

Grouping your products as easy as ABC now, with the easy-to-use Ajax interface of Grouped products type.

Allow users to choose what they want

Display a checkbox prompting the users to choose the products they want to buy in the group. For instance, if you have grouped three products, you can allow the users to choose the child products they want to buy from the ones available.

Added advantages

Define the default quantities of the child products. Each child product will have a quantity field next to it thereby providing a means for the users to choose the quantity according to their needs.

Pricing choices

Choose whether to display the price of the child products as the total price of the group since it is not possible to set a whole pricing for the group.


  1. Products type must be simple,configurable and downloadable.
    2. Product must be without options
    3. Variable product type cannot be added to the group.

Very Important: This app requires minimum J2Store version 3.2.12.

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