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Stripe Payment for Common Payment API (Stripe Connect) 3.4.1
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Receive money via Stripe! Works standalone ★ Works in combination with any of the extensions that support the Common Payment API: Quick2Cart, JGive, JTicketing, SocialAds by TechJoomla, Matukio by CompoJoom, DigiStore by IJoomla... (version 1.x) ★ Works with TJ-Vendor-based JGive and JTicketing on v.2+ and v.3+

Easy set up with full inline guides! ★ Supports PSD2 / SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) as of Sept. 14th, 2019.

This plugin provides the Stripe payment flow for single vendor. This means that the site owner will always receive the payment in full. For selected products it may be possible to use in a multivendor scenario with the payouts feature, but the site owner will always receive the payment in full and need to perform payouts. ★ Our commercial plugin Stripe Connect is sold separately and allows split payment on TJ-Vendor-enabled platforms.

Sandbox / test mode support available both for site and for stores. Full transaction logging. Stripe accounts stored for future use and debugging. You will need to create and activate a Stripe account and connect it to your bank account in order to receive money.

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