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Fake Online Members! For Joomla! 1.0.9
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Fake online is a whos online module that displays fake members and guests online on your Joomla! Site.

  • Whos online module showing fake members and guests on your Joomla! site.
  • Control members and guests separately
  • Control fluctuation of traffic

Simply install the module and the who online module will appear in the front end, configure your settings including how many members and guests you want to appear online and long you want them to appear online for, visitors to your site will think your site is more popular than it is.

Fake online is the perfect whos online module for sites that are just starting out or maybe sites that want to increase their popularity.

Fake online for Joomla! is a module that allows you to display a fake amount of users online on your Joomla! site.

It allows you control the number of fake users online and how long they stay online for.

In the back-end, there are numerous option's available to give you control over your fake members and guests.

This option allows you to choose the minimum and maximum amount of users you want online, the module will choose a random number between these values for you.

You don't want a fixed static amount of users online, you want this number to fluctuate giving the illusion of users logging on and off, the number of users online will never go above or below the values you set here.

This option is how long the current online members and guests should be displayed for (in seconds).

If you set this to 30 seconds that means the front end module will display the current total for 30 seconds, after this time expires a new total will be displayed (randomly chosen) for another 30 seconds and so on... This is the key to creating realistic traffic fluctuation on your site.

If your site is another language fear not as there is no language file to edit, simply type in how you want the members/guests text to appear in the front-end here.

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Fake Online Members! For Joomla! 1.0.9
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