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This Joomla! Comparison Chart component can compare anything!Use HTML tags to insert pictures, links or any other useful information in your charts! Let your visitors submit information for missing fields or send request to add new fields to the chart. The comparison component uses hiding effect which allows to collapse and unfold columns and rows (it can be very useful if you have big charts). Make tabbed charts too!

This Joomla Comparison Chart makes it easy to build comparison charts both for ecommerce and for learning, for any other purposes you may need. Using this comparison extension one can add the description of products’ features in the form of comparison charts. This makes the process of shopping more convenient for the customers of the ecommerce site. No designer skills are necessary to create attractive colorful comparison charts! Our chart making component is easy to use and fully functional, incredibly customizable and can save you much time, help in sales and in learning.


Create visually appealing charts

With Comparison Chart component you can compare anything by introducing information in the form of visually appealing comparative charts.Comparison Chart extension for Joomla! makes the process of chart creation a simple task! You will be able to concentrate on content rather than waste your precious time on building, styling and aligning columns and rows. No web design skills needed to compile attractive and accurate comparison charts! Our chart component is fully-fledged and incredibly customizable. It will save you time and help in sales and learning.

Easy-to-read and structured charts featuring multiple items will help users grasp the difference without having to read excessively long descriptions.


Ready-made charts

One of the ways to compare items is to build a static chart consisting of columns and rows - items and properties respectively. This chart type would fit in perfectly in cases when you have a fairly small number of items and specifications. Apart from merely viewing charts, users will be able to hide unnecessary parameters or items and later get them back, if needed. Chart will also highlight parameters with the same values and best/worst items with selected parameters.

Row elements include: a check box, text (both can include a description that will be hidden by default and shown on a click), and delimiter that will allow you to group several options compared to others (its description is also hidden until you click its name link).


Selectable Items

Sometimes people have hard times figuring out what phone/car/vacuum cleaner is best for them. To make their life easier, you can let them browse chart categories featuring brands, makes, models etc. While they are browsing they can check boxes against items they like, thus building their custom charts and excluding unnecessary elements. Once they are done with the selection, they can go ahead to enjoy all the features of the abovementioned ready-made charts.


What else does chart offer?

The component provides a possibility to use HTML tags to insert pictures, links, or other useful information right into chart rows and columns to make your charts more individual and appealing. Another useful feature is the option to submit information into charts by importing CSV files as well as exporting ready charts in XLS.



A content plugin which enables you to insert charts in articles.

A plugin that displays the button to help you insert a chart into an article via the editor the module displaying last X charts.

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