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Trustpilot Auto Mail For Virtuemart 1.0.0
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Trustpilot auto mailer directly send mail to trustpilot when a customer order and the one of the selectable order status is set by your, the paiement or by the checkout.

You can send old orders too, on changing the order statut to an used one(eg. statut :review on trustpilot), so you dont need to manually export it with another tool.

Very easy to configure, only add your trustpilot business mail and select the order status you want send the email from trustpilot.

Automatic mailing!!

Select in the plugin, when the notice should be sent to truspilot (paid, sent ...) for the evaluation by your customers of your shop.

The e-mail will automatically be sent without any action on your part.

Simple adjustment

  • Entered your email Trustpilotbusiness (in the form businessnumber @invite.trustpilot.com), the mail will be sent to this address, which corresponds to your shop
  • Selected desired order status, you can selected as many as necessary, the mail will be sent as soon as a status matches.
  • Selected the status to force sending e-mail to Trustpilot.

Send Email to your old customers

You can add an Order Status to force sending e-mail to Trustpilot, this allows you to add old customers without having to export them.

Note that Trustpilot advice not to add too old customers (more than 1 or 2 months)

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