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Item rating is a powerful review and rating system for Joomla and K2.

The extension has a flexibility in review and rating you've ever had before. You can add unlimited rating group with unlimited criteria inside. Each criteria can be a different voting tool like percent bar, star, icons or thumb up/down. Then you get a global score and you can write a review. All the vote and review can be done directly from a joomla article.

If you're a webdesigner, you'll also like the custom design tool in rating group with element positioning.

Frontend rating is also a possibility. More than that, Item rating got also a powerful voting restriction: you can allow vote only from backend, from frontend, from both, allow only certain Joomla user group. All the possibility are covered, only voting from backend, only from frontend or match both to determine a global score. We were just saving the best for last, it works with rich snippet review microdata (to make appear star in search results).

Create a group of criteria, add criteria and lets vote!

Main features:

  • Unlimited group of criteria and criteria
  • Joomla articles and K2 support
  • Hikashop product voting
  • Virtuemart product voting
  • Yootheme Zoo item voting
  • Backend rating report per item
  • Custom design with color piker
  • Rich snippet review microdata
  • Backend/frontend voting
  • Voting restriction with Joomla groups
  • Bar view, star view with various icons
  • Up/Down voting
  • Force voting on categories
  • Live preview on backend
  • Responsive design
  • Font and background color for each element
  • 9 types of final score: circle, %, stars,...
  • 4 voting box position in or around articles
  • Force the vote number
  • Add custom CSS in each rating group
  • Live preview during edition
  • Microdata rating type integration
  • Restrict votes on some Joomla user groups
  • Show/hide the vote number
  • Add a default text and review in group
  • Override the default text in each item
  • Responsive design
  • Multiple vote restriction with IP & user groups
  • Match public and admin votes
  • Display rating on blog view
  • Mobile touch for rating
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5 years ago
Version 1.2.4 is overthere from long time ago. Will you upload it? Thanks a lot for your work.
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3 years ago

The new version 2.0.3 is over there.

Could you upload it, please?

Thanks in advance.
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