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A grid module for NorrCompetition allows to filter participants by competitions via slight grid effect. The module have lot of settings and it is easy to configure which elements should be displayed. Also there is "Load more" navigation element and different sorting features.

NorrCompetition Grid is a module for NorrCompetition sorting participants from selected competitions with smooth grid effect. Users can filter items by the following criteria: Rating, Name, Latest, Random and by competitions. You can dynamically load more items by clicking the button.

The module supports responsive design and have wide range of settings to control which elements should be displayed, so you can adjust the layout for your requirements: to show image, title, number of votes, tags and etc.

This is add-on for NorrCompetition extension.

norrcompetition-grid-12 norrcompetition-grid-23 norrcompetition-grid-34 norrcompetition-grid-45 norrcompetition-grid-56 norrcompetition-grid-67
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