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Shack Article Manager is the best way to write and manage articles from the Joomla frontend

Shack Article Manager is an extension that allows anyone to write, edit, publish and manage articles from the frontend of Joomla sites.

Shack Article Manager is perfect for sites that don't want to allow users into the Joomla administrator area. Using Shack Article Manager, you can allow both guest and registered users to create content for your Joomla site.

The main features of Shack Article Manager Pro

Manage your articles on the frontend

With Shack Article Manager, all authors have access to all their Joomla articles. You can see all the articles on a single, easy-to-use screen.

Filter your articles

Don't worry if you have a large site. Shack Article Manager allows you to search and filter all your content. You can find articles by category, author, status, language and more.

Admin features in frontend

If you can do it in the Joomla admin area, you can also do it on the frontend with Shack Article Manager: publish, duplicate, edit, trash and much more.

Easily change the URL of articles

Shack Article Manager makes it easy to edit the URL of articles directly from the main screen.

Create new articles

You can create articles directly in the frontend with the "New article" button. You can also choose which user levels can create articles. You can even allow guests to create content.

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