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EasyArticles Pro 1.1.10
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The creator of EasyBlog, with years of experience from developing content creation platform for bloggers, along with the team has finally build a tool that works out of the box with Joomla articles. EasyArticles allows authors to experience the entire composing to publishing process on a whole new level. It is equipped with a powerful front-end article management system and more importantly an easy-to-use interface to create content, ushering the future of content creation for Joomla articles.


EasyArticles automatically saves current changes or progress, helping to reduce the risk of losing important drafts that your authors are working on.


Authors could preview any unfinished content with the preview button while working on a new article or save it as a draft to complete at a later time.

Content Versioning

Content created in EasyArticles can display previous versions of published articles if the content has been modified several times after publishing it on the site.

Google Analytics Integration

EasyArticles allows Google Analytics to collect precise information such as audience overview (users, sessions, bounce rate, session duration and visited countries).

Editor Friendly

Have the freedom to choose between your personal favorite editor or the different editors supported by Joomla articles available out there such as Tiny MCE, JCE, RedactorJS, CodeMirror & many more.

SEO Publishing Options

Define unique and specific meta keywords, meta descriptions, tags and other SEO optimization related elements on articles created in EasyArticles.

Rich Media Embedding

Easy to add enhanced content creation experience in EasyArticles with an enriched media previews from some of the most popular web sources such as Facebook & YouTube.

Post Scheduling

Nothing beats working ahead of time. You have the option to the schedule publishing time and date for every article on the site, moderated by editors or site moderators.
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