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A Joomla component to profile users by adding custom fields and profile image. Extend Joomla profile with Privacy, Security, Registration Validation. Keyword Search and many more.

Joomla Extension To Profile Users With Custom Fields

Joom-Profile eases your Joomla user profile management task. It allows you to create custom Fields, Fieldgroups for Joomla profile so that your users can fill them while registering at your site or after registration. Both the way are available in Joom-Profile.

Features :

1. Add Custom Fields In Joomla Profile

Use what you want. Create your process, configure your field everything is up to you. No pre-configured restricted fields. Wide range of fields available to complete users' profile.

2. Avatar In Joomla Profile

Joom-Profile allows you to add user profile image in Joomla website by its image field.

3. Flexibility

Now you are not bind to use any process which does not allows you to make any changes in the system. Complete adjust-ability as per you flow and requirements.

4. Data Validation

Put your worries behind, no concern left for spamming, invalid registration. Joom Profile lessens your effort by validating all data entered for any field.

5. Joomla Usergroups Selection

Where Joomla! lacks. We have a solution. Allow users to select their Usergroup at the time of registration. Each user can have multiple joomla usergroups and fields for each usergroup will be displayed on his/her profile.

6. Template Override

You can override the template of any scrren of Joom Profiler. There is a new concept of using it. All the template files can be overrided in the same location.

7. Searching User Profile

Joom Profile includes a miniature search for all the existing data, no more headache in finding records. You can control the visiblity of users in search result according to their usergroup. Like Public and Registered user will not be able to search Super Users and Administrators. You can have this type of settings as you want.

8. Keyword Search In Profile

Joom-Profile provides you the ability to search by keyword. Where you can allow searching as per fields specified by you.

9. Joomla User Export (CSV)

Joom-Profile provides you the ability to export user data in CSV format.

10. Privacy Control In Joomla Profile

Facilitate admin and user to put restrictions on fields which they want other users to see or not. Coming soon.

Below are the custom fields available for Joomla user profile

Datepicker, User-Name, User-Email, Term-Of-Service, File, Image or Avatar, Password, Address, Checkbox, Radio, Text, Textarea and many more

joom-profile-12 joom-profile-23 joom-profile-34 joom-profile-45 joom-profile-56 joom-profile-responsive7
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