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KL User Visits 3.1.0
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Have you ever been wondering how many times your users have been logged in? Well, we have, and that's what this plugin is for.

KL User Visits system plugin is ideal to keep track of how many times your users have been successfully logged in.

It will store and show users logins made to site & administration. Also, it is possible to reset the logins counter at any time.

Start Tracking Users Logins

Simple to use, yet Handy

Simple & Effective

To start tracking your users logins, all you have to do is to install & enable KL User Visits plugin. Simple as that.

Site & Administration Tracking

KL User Visits plugin will count site & administration successful logins separately.

Sortable Column

A new sortable column 'Visits' will be automatically added to users list (com_users view) with total logins.

User Count Details

New 'Visits' tab inside user profile (com_users edit view) will show details about site & administration logins.

Reset Logins Counter

We make it easier for you, just one click needed! You can reset a single user or all users visits.

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