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Mass User Generation & Import/ Export Admin Tool 1.8
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You have found the ultimate administrator tool (User Generator & User Import) component for Joomla. This component offers various features for administrators to generate, or import login accounts from a .csv file without the need of the Joomla frontend registration process. It has multiple functionalities:

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Version 1.8 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2017-04-14
Website JED Developer JoomAPP
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 9.5 € EUR

Department style
Grant access to your employees/ students/ classes with pre-set username/ usergroup/ passwords/ contact info, uploaded from a .csv file. You have full control of all fields.

Voucher style
Generate mass users in pre-set usergroups with random email & username but static passwords. Download your login codes in a .csv after generation is finished and print them on a voucher card to deal out.

Email based import & generate
Generate unique and random user accounts in a pre-defined usergroup from a list of email addresses. The system will sent out an email with the users login details to the email addresses provided.

Download Userlist
Download existing users in a .csv file (user_id, username, name, email, usergroup ID, encrypted password, registration date)

It's an ideal component for large businesses, federations or schools with departments/ classes/ groups where the administrator would like to be in full control of creating login accounts for their employees/ students in pre-set Joomla usergroups.

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Joomla 3
Mass User Generation & Import/ Export Admin Tool 1.8
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