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This Joomla component , module , plugins, points rules and alerts is the full swiss army toolkit for birthdays !
Must have features for any community or e-commerce sites.

About the component: com_bdaygreetsThe com_bdaygreets lets you use a cron job to check everyday what members have their birthday.
The component can check the birthday field from

  • Joomla user profile (profile.dob field)
  • Community Builder (cb_dob field)
  • Jomsocial (FIELD_BIRTHDATE)
  • EasySocial (BIRTHDAY field)

Cron job script will loop through every users having their birthday on that date.

  • Send a friendly email to each user wishing a happy birthday with a link to a landing page
  • Offer some userpoints credit (AltaUserPoints, Jomsocial or EasySocial userpoints) , mentioned in the email
  • Offer a jGifts gift ( jGifts component required ), mentioned in the email
  • Offer a Coupon Code (Virtuemart, Hikashop, Awo Coupons), mentioned in the email
  • Send a core notification to user's friends (Jomsocial and EasySocial only )
  • Store an entry in the #__bdaygreets_greets database table so tha even if users updates his profile with too recurrent birthday dates, he won't benefit from gifts, credits or coupons more than once a year.

About the module: mod_bdaygreets_upcomingThis module runs independently and can be used without the component being installed.
It will list X upcoming birthdays.
If user is connected and a Community Builder, Jomsocial or EasySocial member, the module will display upcoming friends birthdays.
If some users have their birthdays on the current day, a private message button will show (Jomsocial & EasySocial only) Points rules for AUP, Jomsocial and EasySocial will be automatically installed during installation if components are detected.Note for EasySocial notifications: Visit the ES alerts manager and click 'Discover' button to detect and install Happy Birthday alert rule for friends.

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