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Let your visitors remind themselves about what they were looking for on your site incase they leave it in the middle. Turn them into returning visitors or even subscribers by putting a "Remind Me" button on any content on Joomla! One of the best available Reminder tool for Joomla!

  • Integrated with all CCKs and practically anything in Joomla
    Use JoomReminder with native Joomla articles or any CCK. That’s not all if you have an e-commerce, crowdfunding or for that matter learning management system you will be able to show the "Remind Me" button on its products, campaigns or courses respectively.
  • Date and Time selector in the form
  • Email notifications with Add to Calendar option (.ics file sent in email)
  • Ajax based forms
  • Google reCAPTCHA integration
  • Customizable buttons, Error message and Email content.
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Amazing guest user handling
  • Admin list view
joomreminder-calendar2 joomreminder-dashboard3 joomreminder-email4 joomreminder-settings5 joomreminder-user-management6 joomreminder-view7
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