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Managing a Joomla event or involved with any tech event or conference? You need a website with a event management system built-in.

Thankfully, Xpert Event can handle all your tidious managemental task and allow you to focus what important for your event. Its a powerful event management extension for Joomla that makes scheduling, speaker managemtn easier than ever.

You can add speakers and quickly modify their information, distribute speakers across seperate slote and manage agenda, all in one place.

Key Features

  • Easily manage event related tasks. Event scheduling, add speakers, managing agendas, and other necessary tasks quickly.
  • Speaker detail information including his/her detail biography, social profile, photograph, and the option to perfectly positioning all those stuff.
  • All features are very easily understandable.
  • Creating new agendas, 0% probability of time overlapping
  • Event-wise dividing speakers in the easiest way.
  • Completely supports multiple languages.
  • User-friendly Dashboard.
  • Supports all web browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera as well.
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