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This plugin is for Joomla! to manages 404 errors:

  • to correct these errors to improvement SEO;
  • to detect possible hacker attacks.

This plugin is a free plugin in it's site, but it's site has problem and it is difficult to download it. because of it, we added it to our site.

The second feature -attack detection- is based on this error. The hackers use programs to find out the vulnerable websites -and where are the web sensitive areas-. These spiders -or programs- cause 404 errors in the check, what can be detected easily.

The NS Error 404 Control plugin sends an email for each detected error with detailed information. The 404 errors can be defined and classified as:

  • user error;
  • page not found and linked from another page in the domain;
  • legal spider;
  • spider or program that attempts to discover vulnerabilities.

If the plugin detects that a hacker is trying to access the web, the email adds a warning on the subject. In the email body, the risk will be classified as:

  • low (without warning)
  • medium (with warning)
  • high (with warning)
  • very high (with warning).

With this plugin you can detect illegal attempts to access. And with this information, you (or your administrator) can stop these ones.

Main Features

  • No Joomla! overload (no tables in database with a register for each error).
  • Improving SEO (by detect 404 errors).
  • Classification of errors generated on its website (by danger and risk).
  • Very easy installation.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Help to close access to the website (not visitors).
  • Support forum in English and Spanish (free).
  • Documentation in PDF (for the moment, only in Spanish).
  • Plugin translated into English and Spanish.
  • Free plugin
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