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redDEBUG 1.0.2
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Joomla debugging for developers

Save time and make better code with our Joomla debugging plugin. redDEBUG provides developers a deeply vertical view of the code and actions being executed as well as the Joomla! and PHP environments in use. redDEBUG is highly recommended for 404 and 500 errors due to its advanced error diagnostic too, and can be used in both Joomla! backend and frontend.

There are numerous powerful features in redDEBUG which make it a powerful tool for developers in terms of saving time, viewing full system information, and quickly tracing bugs.

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Version 1.0.2 Created
System Joomla 2.5 & 3 Changed 2019-12-04
Website JED Developer redCOMPONENT
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 20 $ EUR


1. By using redDEBUG you are presented these following Joomla diagnostics:

  • Errors which will be automatically detected even when your development mode is off.
  • Information related to modules. It is especially useful for front-end as you are allowed to see parameters as well as module template visually.
  • All plugins – related information such as executed triggers or memory consumption.
  • Events that are being triggered together with plug-in related information.
  • Information related to current component as well as all the loaded variables and arrays used.
  • General system information such as execution time, allocated memory and number of files. redDEBUG also provides you the information of users, configuration, template parameters and Joomla! installation information.

2. For PHP, you are allowed to see:

  • Requests which present all the parameters which are being transported to the latest call.
  • All the used classes within execution including the components or files where they are executed.
  • File - every single processed PHP file and their type of information.
  • All constants used within execution and their respective values. Other regular PHP diagnostics will also be displayed by redDEBUG including server, session, cookies and PHP Initialization (php.ini).

3. Error diagnostics:

Present a diagnostic window that contains the specific error line (and code) and each line of the execution stack to let you as developer know the actual problem.

4. Available configuration:

When configuring the redDEBUG plugin you will find 2 available options, they are:

  • IP-based restriction: Only IPs that are regulated by redDEBUG have the ability to view debug information.
  • Global switches: With 3 specific features  
    • Offline – use redDEBUG only in Joomla! offline mode  
    • SEF – turn off the SEF mode and you can debug the native Joomla! URLs    
    • In admin – allow you to use redDEBUG in Joomla! backend.
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