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Git 2 FTP Deploy 1.1.3
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Deploying a website was never this easy!! Are you tired of writing down or remember what files you have changed? This component will help you out! We assume we you're using GIT to track your changes.


This component will upload the files to your server when you're pushing everything to Github or BitBucket! Changed/added files will be uploaded by FTP to your server (production/staging or any other server you like!

As said above, deploying a website was never this easy! You work on your local XAMPP/WAMPP/LAMPP server where GIT is installed. After you push the changes to your Git Account the component will deploy it automatically on your staging or production server! What?? Yes, you can use unlimited staging servers, test servers or production servers!

And after the tests on your development server was successful you deploy the same changes in only 3 clicks to another server!


  • No SSH required to deploy your site!
  • Supports BitBucket and Github
  • Unlimited Repositories
  • Unlimited Branches (automatically loaded from your Git Account!) When you are chosing the repository the component will load all branches for you! For every branch you may use another server/server location or path.
  • Unlimited Projects, all your client projects can be served by only one Joomla installation!!
  • Unlimited FTP Servers and FTP Directories / Subdomains!
  • Easy as 123 to set the component up! (Maximum of 10 minutes)
  • Re-Deploy changes to another server in just seconds!
  • Get full log details about your deployment.
  • Can also deploy from Private Repositories!
  • One year support included 365 days a year!!


The component needs some resources that are required to run on your server.
Download the Git 2 FTP Tester from our product page to see if it will work on your server.
Another requirement is a valid Github or Bitbucket account to push your changes to your website.
So you have to develop your websites on an environment where Git is available.

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