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DigiCom Access Control 1.0.0
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For every website, it's really important to make sure the access is distributed to different categories of users obeying a standard manner. As a site owner, you obviously won't want to give the backend access to a visitor or restrict a premium customer from fetching new exclusive product discounts. So, it's one of the vital things a website should maintain perfectly.

Access Control is an add-on for the eCommerce management open source component DigiCom, that lets you categorize users into groups, give them privileges according to their role. It mostly ensures the security of the website.

Key Features

  • One Click Installation
  • Simple configuration
  • Control access to different categories of users
  • Distribute customers to the User Group, where they suppose to be
  • Manage access control level
  • Modify user’s access permission
  • Make custom User Group
  • Protect visitors from the page you don’t want to show them and
  • Make your own accessing protocol.
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