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JReviews Everywhere Add-on 1.3.1 UPDATED
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One powerful review system for all your needs. Extend the user review functionality from JReviews to other components, then manage all reviews from a single place.

The Everywhere add-on for JReviews extends the user review system functionality of JReviews to other Joomla components such as: business directories, galleries, e-commerce stores, file repositories, social networking and more.

Integration is convenient and incredibly powerful!

Manage all of your site's reviews and ratings with one system and a uniform, themeable look. You don't lose flexibility because the configuration for each component can be different:

  1. Multiple sets of rating criteria: each category in your component can have a different rating criteria set. For example, in a business directory, suppliers of services could have different rating criteria than suppliers of goods.
  2. Custom fields in reviews: you can use JReviews’ custom fields system for reviews to expand the review form by asking additional questions such as: date of purchase, pros/cons, experience with product, would you recommend?, etc. All the custom field types used for jReviews can also be used for jReviewsEverywhere in reviews.
  3. Comprehensive MyReviews page: Reviews submitted in all components are shown together in a user's MyReviews page and they link back to the appropriate component detail page.
  4. Moderate reviews in one place: All component reviews are moderated in the JReviews administration.
List of components currently integrated with JReviews Everywhere
  • EasySocial for profile reviews
  • JomSocial for profile reviews
  • Community Builder for profile reviews
  • Jomres for property reviews
  • K2
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