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RSTickets! Pro Cron plugin 2.0.4
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The RSTickets!Pro Cron plugin extends the standard RSTickets!Pro functionality by adding the possibility to transform an email into a ticket. Basically the administrator can configure an email account, and any emails received on that address can be transformed.

To install this plugin please refer to the RSTickets!Pro installation tutorial. After the successful installation, the Cron plugin can be accessed from within the Components > RSTickets!Pro > Cron Email Parser Configuration area.

The basic Cron Email Parser configuration tab displays a list of all the current configured Crons (see image below) that are available on your installation. Yes, this is correct, RSTickets!Pro support multiple crons. A fundamental change has been implemented from its predecessor (RSTickets!). Due to use of a system plugin, now the Cron plugin will run on any page that is being accessed, no longer being chained to accessing the former RSTickts!'s Tickets or My tickets.

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