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Quick order product in JoomShopping 4.2.1
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The addon provides the possibility of ordering on the website in 1 click.

Often a client needs to make a decision, and the information about the product on our website is not enough and the client will have to take care of. Then it is more convenient for quick order goods on the website, so contacted him and explained some of the details, and informing about product availability, delivery times and payment methods.

The addon allows the customer to enter the name, phone number, and review. So the store Manager can contact.
After filling out the order form create the order in Joomshopping order list if the customer has chosen the product (attributes), what is their policy if not to be picked in a simplified form.

Provides a balanced tree creating an order in the orders list allows you to monitor their implementation (practicing managers), adjust in manual mode (by correcting the standard tools included in the basic delivery in Joomshopping) and then as usual.

Addon adds a button "quick order" on the product card and in the product list, if this option is enabled in the settings when clicked, the client gets on the phone ( or necessary data) and sends the order.

To e-mail the store administrator will receive a message about the order like a regular order in the store, with the already mentioned contacts of the client, the name of the product.
For the mail client (if you specify it in quick order) will be sent the decision in full or simplified version (depending on the availability of attributes and select them when quick order processing).

This allows you to immediately contact the client by clicking on the link from the letter, come in and fill out the order for delivery options, update data from the client on the phone.


  • show button quick order button in the product page
  • show button quick order in the list of products
  • select and display the required fields for quick order
  • specify variables to display the button
  • ability to go to the page "thanks for ordering"
  • separate templates, with the ability to create your own (you need to create the _custom template with organization name, for example, form_custom)
  • creating a complete order in Joomshopping editable.
  • informing the administrator and the client on the order
  • automatic notification about the update and updating the extension as any other extension for Joomla
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