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Universal AJAX Filter for JoomShopping 5.0
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Universal AJAX Filter - is a new generation development with reprocessed algorithm and new features.

Every online store possessing a sufficiently large quantity of goods in stock, faces the need to provide a convenience for the customer to direct him by shortest way to the product with defined settings, that are of interest to the client.

How do you direct your customer to the right item, in the store with 1000 or more products in stock? Of course, you can be satisfied with amazement from a client of the range of your products, but perhaps it was not the goal for setting up a shop. The store is not a museum; a customer comes not to observe, but to buy. In real stores customer support is carried out by a manager consultant who usually asks a few questions and after receiving answers, makes the choice instead of or together with the client.

In the virtual store the role of a consultant is performed by products filter. Yes, the very common products filter. It is a consultant that asks questions (shows the available options), and depending on the answers shows the right products. It is filter that becomes the important link that provides the shortest path to the client's order page. Purchases come in several forms. The larges segments of the division include impulsive and planned purchases.

Impulsive purchases are made according to the formula: seen-desired-purchased. And as a rule 90% of these purchases leave some negative aftertaste, because in time the buyer realizes that the item bought was not what the customer truly needed.
Planned purchases, as the name implies, are more thought out and purposeful. The buyer is looking for the product with well-defined parameters. He will certainly make a purchase, and knows that his only task is to find the right product. His way to the purchase is very short and he will make it in your store. It is in your power to shorten the way.

Using the filter in your online store, you are helping your client by assisting him step by step in his purchase. Implicitly, quietly, gently, but firmly bringing him to the goal, which is the order in your store. Buyer selecting certain parameters of the filter corresponding to his requirements is offered one or multiple products that are suitable for the purchase. Next, all there is left for the customer is to read about the product and all its added value, and the purchase is guaranteed. And even after the customer has put the items into the basket, you can greatly simplify the process by using the option of ordering on the first page.

What are the features of the filter-consultant, offered to you as the owner or developer of an online store?
The filter allows you to select items:

  • by price range
  • by category
  • by brand
  • by supplier (vendor)
  • by products characteristics
  • by attributes of goods
  • by products labels (labels)
  • by delivery time of goods
  • items with pictures / without pictures
  • by presence / absence on stock (Quantity 0/not 0 )
  • discounted items (which contain the old price)
  • with additional wholesale prices (if they are set to item)
  • by reviews (if the goods have reviews)

Filter module also has the following features (new):

  • adjustment of the display module on certain pages
  • configurable order done by the administrator of the filter options withdrawal
  • filtered items are shown immediately without the need for reloading the page, in the block of goods display
  • filtering by subcategories for the current category, provides display and filtering of products in the format of the parent-daughter, without the need for the appointment of the 2nd category goods
  • different filter options display: check box, an expandable list, an expandable multilist
  • customizable sorting output for names of manufacturers, categories and vendors
  • when filtering by price provides account of prices and associated attributes
  • when filtering by price provides account of prices in different currencies
  • when filtering by price provides account of prices with different tax rates
  • when filtering by price provides account of prices with different display (with VAT / without VAT) in the in administrative panel and the front site
  • when filtering by price provides account of prices depending on the discount for the user group
  • control of the price filters display only for registered users
  • adjustable time delay before activation of the filter when entering prices manually
  • when filtering according to the dependent attributes and availability of goods, it is taken into account the availability of the product with each set of dependent attributes
  • the module principle of connecting templates allows you to create and manage a variety of flexible module templates

All actions occur without reloading the page.
Selection of all possible values ​​for selection occurs immediately

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