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EDost shipping cost calculation module for JoomShopping 5.5
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The module allows you to organize a single point of calculation of shipping costs in more than 1020 cities, 80 regions of Russia, as well as 230 countries of the world.

When calculating the cost of delivery, the following tariffs are used:
Express delivery services - EMS Russian Post, SPSR-Express, PONY EXPRESS, DHL Express, UPS, SDEK, Garantpost, TNT Express
Delivery services for online stores and organizations - PickPoint, boxberry, Logibox, Megapolis
Transport companies - ZhelDorEkspeditsiya, PEC, Auto Trading, Business Lines, Energy.

Features of the eDost service:

  • Calculation of delivery to 1020 cities and 81 regions of Russia, 230 countries
  • 16 delivery companies, 39 types of shipments
  • Calculation taking into account insurance (at the estimated value of the cargo)
  • Cash on delivery (payment for goods and delivery upon receipt)
  • The latest shipping rates are used in the calculations (constantly updated by the service itself)

Delivery is fully calculated on the eDost.ru server (via a POST request), which minimizes the calculation time and eliminates the need to connect to many services for calculation. Sometimes this is important due to the difference in response time and availability of servers of different delivery services.

The calculation result is issued in one package (for several delivery services at once). To get the cost of delivery to the customer of your store, just specify the destination city. The module will automatically take into account the weight of the parcel, dimensions (if assigned through the characteristics) and the estimated cost (if insurance is used).

The result of the cost calculation will be a list of available delivery companies (in accordance with the order parameters and the eDost tariff plan), indicating the cost of sending each service, an estimated delivery time.

eDost allows you to set your own discounts and margins on the resulting delivery cost in the store’s settings (in your account).

When connecting to the Store tariff plan,
The first month of access is free.

Also in each tariff plan, for free, it is provided:

  • Calculation by regular Russian Post is already included in all tariff plans. In addition to the number of delivery services specified in the tariff, you can include two types of payments by Russian Post: ordinary parcels and first class items (up to 2 kg)
  • given the opportunity to set the cost of delivery by Courier
  • assign the terms of pickup.

Please note that all the basic settings for parameters and cost calculations are carried out in your eDost account.

Features of the module:

  • 1-page checkout compatibility ( OneStepCheckpout PRO )
  • the ability to use caching ( eDost provides a certain number of calculations according to the tariff plan, and using caching, you can reduce calls due to the same calculation requests )
  • cash on delivery (payment for goods and delivery upon receipt)
  • the ability to choose a payment method in which cash on delivery will be added to the delivery

You can see the demonstration of work:

here - without PickPoint opportunity I choose It is necessary to put only this product in the basket and proceed to the checkout.

here - with PickPoint's options of choice. It is necessary to put only this product in the basket and proceed to clearance.

The calculation is made according to the tariff plan Shop-12 , the city of dispatch Moscow.

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