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AntiBotSpam PRO for reviews JoomShopping
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The unique approach of defining spam bots, based on a diametrically opposite approach to detect spam than Captcha. Unlike solutions with Captcha, which uses the idea to offer the user a task that you can easily solve the people, but which disproportionately more difficult to solve computer in a spam filter uses the definition of actions that can be done only by a robot, and not made ??by man.

  • Does not require any additional effort from the user,
  • No need to enter strange characters
  • No need to collect pictures

Naturally, as the use of Captcha, the use of this spam filter does not guarantee 100% protection, but compared to the protection of this Captcha spam filter is much more effective, because the ability spambots limited and likely actions can be calculated and classified as spam with sufficient accuracy.

No captures not need to include. All is quiet in stealth mode.

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