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AJAX cart+ compare products + InfoDockBar JoomShopping
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One of the main problems on the site, especially in the online shop , is the location of the necessary blocks. There are many modules that simply must be placed in a conspicuous place on all pages to ensure the usability of the store and increase comfort for the client .

Each of these blocks is important and necessary element enabling secure communication with the customer to give him information in the right place at the right time , in a convenient form .

Moreover, the store should provide visibility of these elements on the site and the presence on all pages .

basic building blocks in question are :

  • contacts
  • order callback
  • feedback form
  • history viewed items (last viewed products )
  • notebook (which conveniently enter and save your favorite products )
  • basket, in which the customer adds items to order
  • authorization module
  • etc.

Each site must accommodate these basic blocks.
However ! Also need ( and more importantly ) to focus on new products , products with an interesting price, kits , promotions, news , etc.

Here and there delema that where to place , and from what is to abandon due to the limited space of an important site .
To tackle this , no simple task created this module .

extension "Module AJAX cart DockBar" provide a convenient , intuitive , focuses at the right time in the right place , and provides interactive access to a distance of 1 click to the basic functions of communication and ordering solution .

module contains a basic block enables convenient communication between the store and the customer , and provides advanced features comparing products and generate an order , an intuitive interface and with nice visual effects .

Module AJAX basket DockBar allows to configure the output blocks required

  • contacts
    (provides access to information at the address , phone and operating mode )
  • order callback
    order form contains a callback . if the client needs to get more information on a specific product
  • feedback form
    unit allowing to send a detailed request for a number of emerging issues
  • history viewed items
    displays the history of visited items . each scanned item is saved for quick viewing capabilities for a final decision on the acquisition
  • notebook
    personal notebook client that preserves all that he wanted to be noted or postponed for future viewing .
  • comparison goods
    AJAX adding and viewing items in comparison characteristics
  • basket
    AJAX cart in several visual effects, provides accommodation and unobtrusive at the same time draws attention to it when you add the goods. You can go to registration. Order from anywhere in the site .
  • authorization module
    unit allows authorize regular customers , and go into your own profile to view your order history or change information about yourself


  • products in the cart, bookmarks , history, saved without reference to the session. Client will be able to see added to the cart items on your computer as well as on the home or guest ( authorization )
  • products added to cart away mode, the authorization is stored together with the added previously .
  • form to send data to dokbar provided with protection against spam bots
  • are two themes : dark and light
  • the 2 effect of adding product items: pop widget and flight to cart
  • module will actively develop ...

Using this module , you really significantly unload site to provide more important information , which is intended to influence the choice by the customer , at the same time providing all the services of the site at a single point of contact .

  • usability of your site
  • Show the customer care of it
  • Increase the usable space on the site
  • Use accents on important
  • Take the next step to increase conversions .

Key Features :

  • module can be published in any position of the site , it will display a line underneath the site, on top of all the other elements Note !
    strongly recommend to publish a module in the lower positions of the site (footer, debug it.d. ) to the main useful text was available for search systems as high as possible ( in the opening lines of the site )
  • module has a built-in effect add to cart
  • cross-browser support
  • use does not conflict with JoomShopping
  • flyout
  • flexible settings display units
  • full integration with JoomShopping
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