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JoomShopping Plugins: Zoom Image 3.1.1
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The plugin uses the zoom effect jQuery zoom and is based on a free script with http://zoomsl.tw1.ru/ site and http://www.elevateweb.co.uk/ site

In the plugin settings you can choose three types of the enlarged image:

  1. In a separate window;
  2. In the image window (in the window) (only in the paid version) ;
  3. The effect of a magnifying glass (lens) (only in the paid version) .

You can set the initial increase, which can be changed by scrolling the mouse wheel. Specify the size of the window and lenses. And also, for the species in a separate window, you can specify the window position (left or right of the main image).

The possibility of the paid version

Saved clickable images, there is no need to append your own code and interfere with the core component.

Added additional settings:

  • Additional embodiments of the enlarged image;
  • ability to set the selector to select an image;
  • the ability to specify the initial, minimum and maximum increase;
  • for the ability to disable the touchscreen devices.
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