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JoomShopping Modules: Bottom Bar 1.0.4
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  1. The module is always located at the bottom or top of the visible part of the site.
  2. By default, the module displays information about the number of items in the cart, the number of pending items, the feedback form  (included in the kit and can be used separately). To display information about products that have been added to the comparison, you need to install the comparison module .
  3. Optionally added ability output modules of the specific module positions. In the left pane can display module, wherein the predetermined position "bottom_bar", in a hidden part of the output module to the position "bottom_bar_hide", "bottom_bar_compare" position is additionally present for the "default" module layout.
  4. Two of the module layout. If you use these extensions to brooksite.ru site as a basket module and a comparison module, use the module layout "brooksite". Otherwise, use the default layout - "default".
  5. Easy setup module color scheme. 
  6. Responsive design.
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