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JoomShopping CSV [CIMEX] 4.9
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Features description

  • import and export of goods in CSV format (analogous to XLS table, supported by all table editors, including MS Excel)
  • all encodings (cp1251, utf8, etc.) of the ICONV module are supported
  • publication (or de-listing) of goods at boot time (option)
  • the ability to create new categories and producers (if a match is not found, an option will be created)
  • loading one product into two or more categories (example: category1: category2)
  • an exact definition of a subcategory, you can specify a path (example: parent / child)
  • delete old images or add new ones (main and / or optional - option)
  • adding descriptions to images (example: image1.jpeg # description: image2.png # description2)
  • automatic creation of small, medium and large images
  • work with categories by name and by ID
  • update products by ID, EAN and Name
  • free (customizable) field structure (you can upload / upload only the necessary data)
  • Multilanguage is supported (a choice of languages ​​installed in the system for importing or exporting data)
  • arbitrary delimiter (semicolon, tab t ...)
  • custom secondary separator (default is a colon)
  • choice of currency for importing goods
  • management of the date of creation / updating of the goods (it is possible to disable the updating of the date)
  • a separate tab for working with attributes, import and export (three modes: free, dependent, independent)
  • a separate tab for working with additional prices (discount in percentage and a fixed price)
  • Importing Images for Attributes
  • missing missing images (optional)
Views 1,800 Downloads 2
Version 4.9 Created
System Joomla 2.5 & 3 Changed 2019-10-19
Website Developer JoomShopping Pro
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 2400 ₽ EUR

The fields available for importing and exporting data are:

Product ID, Product name, Product alias, Item code, Short description of the goods, Full description of the goods, Category (category), Main image, Additional images, Quantity, Price, Old price, Procurement price, Weight, Manufacturer, Price, Unit, Product Tag, Seller (6 major fields of the seller's card), Tax, Product Template, Delivery Time, Merchandise URL, META Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description (description, snippet) ), Dependent Attributes, Independent Attributes, Free Attributes s, characteristics such as "text" Features such as "list" Features such as "Multiple List" (multiharakteristiki) Additional price for the goods, Import and export images for the attributes

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