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JoomShopping RPG 2.2
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Properly selected related products - this is a guarantee that the user will make several additional clicks on your site. Consequently, the total number of internal transitions and the total time spent on the site by the potential buyer will increase. This is what will improve the behavioral factors of your store, which, of course, will have a strong influence on further advancement in the search engines.

Explanation of terms

Internal linking is the creation of hyperlinks in the document to other internal pages of the same site. Those. when page.ru/page1.html refers to site.ru/page2.html, and vice versa. This is a simple example of internal linking of one site. And if we consider a store with 1000 or more goods? The ideal option is to place the related products competently. In the end, something like a cobweb of links should turn out, and the more "beautiful" the picture, the faster we will reach our goals. About them below.

Behavioral factors are new conditions for the ranking of sites in search engines. The main behavioral factors include: - the time the user spent on the site
- the number of visits to the internal pages of the site
- Quality of transitions on the internal pages of the site
- reaching of landing pages by the user (in our case - a basket or page with contacts) The more these indicators are, the higher your store will be in the results of issuing to Google and Yandex. This algorithm already works and has much more influence on site promotion than the number of external links from various catalogs, ratings, bookmarks, etc.

About the possibilities of RPG 1. Seven algorithms for generating related products You can organize any scheme of internal linking and solve any problems to promote the entire store as a whole or only selected products. Those. it is possible to distribute the received weight evenly for all goods, and to promote one or several categories, a group of goods or even one commodity (if such a goal is). List of algorithms: Price range (add related products that will be cheaper, more expensive or at the same price)
Range ID (add related products according to the formula, for example, the Fibonacci series, which performed well on tests)
Search for text (products that have given keywords in the title)
Similar article (the script will automatically determine the goods closest to the article)
Mixed re-linking (a fast option for lazy, a random number generator is used with the control of repetitions)
Characteristics (goods with the same characteristics are selected)
Tags (used to add products labeled "New", "Discount", etc.)

Combinations of different algorithms are possible! 2. Four ways to filter related products Inside the category (related products will be from the same category as the parent)
From another category (in particular, it is used to promote a certain category of goods)
From several categories (for distributed internal linking)
Of all categories (for general relocation of the entire store) Goals set Convenience for a buyer who always wants to see "something else"
Improved indexing of the store by all search engines
Competent weight distribution of pages inside the store
Google PageRank 1-2-3 for promotions
Linking all products (do not leave blank spots)
The solution to all of the above issues, questions in 15 seconds for a store with 10 thousand products.

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