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Intranet Attendance Track 3.0.3
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This extension for Joomla helps you set up an attendance and leave tracking module with in your Joomla CMS. It can be used by small to medium sized teams. The team members check-in and check-out to register their attendance online. The component also has an integrated leave tracking and pay slip module.

Using the administrator module, administrator can add Employees with their designation, pay structure and other details. Once the employee is configured, the administrator can generate daily, weekly or monthly reports on attendance or absence, leave and payslip.


You can set up official and government holidays and other important events for your organization in one place so that it becomes master information and every team member has access to it readily.


Tracks employee or team member attendance with versatile features. Users may use the Check-in/Check-out feature to capture their in time and out time quickly. What happens if you forget to Check-In or Check-Out at the correct time? Don't worry. You will be able to edit. Managers can view/edit/approve attendance entered by their team and run various reports.


The leave tracking module helps team members to raise leave of absence in advance or after the date. Automatic email notifications will be triggered when requests are created or approved or rejected.


The Expenses modules helps the team members to raise out of pocket expense requests. A notification will be sent to Manager for approval. Manager can also review consolidated expenses of his team

Pay Slip

The Managers will be able to generate Payslip for their team. As the Leave and Attendance tracking modules are integrated important real time information are pulled from these modules while generating the Pay Slip

Notable Features

  • Multiple attendance reports that provide details of weekly and monthly attendance & time of employees.
  • Email notifications at multiple places.
  • PDF generation for weekly attendance report and payslip
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  • Johnpel Quingua

    # Johnpel Quingua 2016-06-20 11:58

    Hi JoomlaShare!

    This package doesn't work :( Need your help.

    1146 Table 'gsicrm.#__intranet_calendarsetting' doesn't exist SQL=select weekly_off from #__intranet_calendarsetting
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