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Easily integrate google ads into your Joomla! site, comes with built-in horizontal and vertical controls. If you use Google AdSense and don't like the way the google ads are aligned on your site you can use the pixel control to fine tune the position of the google ads.

  • Easily place google ads code into Joomla!
  • Horizontal and vertical controls allow fine tuning of position of google ads
  • Add any ads not just Google AdSense
  • Cache option within the module

After you install the Google AdSense module simply input your google ads code it can be any code you want not just Google AdSense code.
Once your Google AdSense banners appear on the front end of your site you can use the horizontal and vertical controls to fine-tune the position of your Google AdSense banners to better align the google ads with your sites template.

The make adspace module has the ability to fine tune the position of the Google AdSense ads to better fit and align the google ads in your Joomla template.

Because it allows you to put the complete google ads code into the box, you can add any ads you like not just Google AdSense ads.

After a basic install and pasting of the google ads code, the large 728x90 Google AdSense banner doesn't sit flush against the modules on the right top position and the extension listing below it.

I moved the Google AdSense banner -15 pixels to the left and -9 pixels upwards and now you can see it sits perfectly aligned in the position and looks clean and professional.So now I can use the position options to move the Google AdSense banner left and upwards pixel by pixel.

make-adspace-backend2 make-adspace-google-addoesntlineup3 make-adspace-googlead-linedup-correctly4
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