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JSN PageBuilder 4 Pro 1.3.9
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JSN PageBuilder 4 is a drag & drop, visual page builder for Joomla. Whether you are a non-programmer or a developer, it gives you the freedom to build, design, and manage Joomla beautiful pages exactly the way you want. Not to mention, this Joomla page builder combines with Joomla editor to create a fully visual front-end/back-end editing experience.

A Smart and flexible joomla pagebuilder

A flexible layout building, a library of powerful elements, everything you need for your imaginable website are well organized in one place.

Intuitive Visual Composer

The flexible visual layout manager with drag-n-drop object capabilities allows you to make changes instantly and see end-results in the same screen

30+ Powerful Elements

Each element in JSN PageBuilder 4 offers advanced style customization, so you can fine-tune them and get your expected design

Advanced Responsive Controls

Create responsive web page on different devices, control and customize web presence on a single device without any effect on others

As A Joomla Editor

JSN PageBuilder 4 works perfectly as a Joomla editor to create a fully visual front-end and back-end editing experience.

Powerful Tracking Feature

The Joomla Page Builder offers a useful tracking feature that allows you to measure and track web page elements on your site.

Auto Save, Redo & Undo

In JSN PageBuilder 4, your work is automatically saved. If you accidentally make a mistake, JSN PageBuilder 4 has your back.

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