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The HTML5 Video custom field is a simple and better method of adding HTML5 Videos to your Content. The HTML5 Video markup is a quick and easy way to add videos to your site, but HTML codes can be an issue with text filters and restrictive WYSIWYG editors. It can also become a headache for clients; the HTML5 Video custom field takes all the hassle out of adding a video player to your content.

HTML5 Video Features

  • Support for MP4, WebM, and OGG formats
  • Internal folder selection or use an external URL
  • Width and Height Options
  • Autoplay option
  • Show or Hide controls options
  • Loop option
  • Mute option
html5-video-custom-field-1.2 html5-video-custom-field-2.3 html5-video-custom-field-3.4 html5-video-custom-field-4.5
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