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No Boss Blog 1.0.40
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Build your blog in a few minutes using a complete solution. There are several extensions available and the installation process is simple.

When you purchase this product, in addition to the possibility of creating a new site, you may choose to install each individual extension on one or more existing sites.


  • Quickstart: In each solution start with a ready to use theme that most adapts to your needs.
  • Responsivity: Obtain great results in mobile and desktop with settings by screen resolution.
  • Unlimites items: Do more in your site creating as many records as you want in each solution available.
  • Infinite possibilities: Customize layouts by editing fonts, colors, backgrounds, spacing, and more.
  • Show up on Google: We use the best SEO practices so that your site appears in Google results.
  • Administrative interface standard: Use extensions with the same administrative interface standard, making edits easier.
  • Constant updates: Get access to new layouts models and features automatically.
  • Qualified support: Be served by a support team with more than twelve years of experience in Joomla .
  • Performance and security: Use extensions developed and tested within performance and security criteria.

Extensions included:

  • Blog extension: Complete blog solution within a website. Register publications, authors, tags and categories. Enable sharing for social networks and engages engagement with comments in the post.
  • Template extension (Nemesis): Edit your entire template without needing to code anything! Define text styles, lists, links, headings, colors, and spacing. Set up a share image and favicon. Enable Google Analytics and report geolocation data. If you're missing a parameter, use the advanced customization options and finalize your site with little effort.
  • Header: Easily change the top of the website by setting up logo, menu, action buttons, search, languages and more.
  • Footer: Add in the footer your logo, website credits, a support menu and links to social networks.
  • Page builder: Use a page builder to easily develop sections on different pages of your site and still be able to create an integrated search page with Google. When using this extension along with the template, header and footer, there will be nothing lacking for you to create your website easily.
  • Maps with contact options (Mapmarkers): Provide in your site an interactive map that can be displayed along with a contact form or contact information.
  • Form builder (Form XML): Use ready to use contact, ombudsman, appointment scheduling and newsletter forms or create your own using xml files.
  • Notifications and promotions (Notices): View at the top of your site or any other notification area you want to give your visitors. You can, for example, display a promotion, a schedule change notice, among others. In addition to the message, you can parameterize a counter, discount coupon, outbound links and more.
  • Call to Action: Display a call phrase that may contain an image and a link button. The extension is useful for situations such as the section on this page that appears below.
  • Auto update: To make it easier to manage the site and to ensure you always have the latest updates applied, we provide a plugin that keeps No Boss extensions updated automatically.
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