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StyleWare K2 Google Maps 3.4.1
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We decided to create a unique plugin to allow using Google Maps in K2 items and categories. With our demos, you will find how cool it is.

Views 1,679 Downloads 14
Version 3.4.1 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2016-12-21
Website JED Developer StyleWare
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site EUR

With this plugin you can:

  1. Add map with pin to each K2 entry.
  2. Choose the map type like roadmap, satellite etc (globally and per item).
  3. Choose from 4 color sets of icons (globally).
  4. Set locale like English, Russian etc. (globally).
  5. Choose the zoom (globally and per item).
  6. No need for API key. It runs out of the box.
  7. You can now choose the type of pin type (i.e. hotel, bar, restaurant etc.) to add (we have added some most common, you may decide to use any with small modification).
  8. You enter the address and the plugin will use the Google geocoding function to determine the correct place.
  9. Support for displaying all items in a category into a single map with link to each entry.
  10. Supports Google Street View.
  11. Supports Weather and clouds layers.
  12. Map in item admin view for easy drag and drop adding of coordinates
  13. Can use K2 extra fields for coordinates and address
  14. Supports google streetview
  15. Radius search
  16. Many more features
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Joomla 3
StyleWare K2 Google Maps 3.4.1
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