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SJ Highlight Items for K2 1.1.0
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SJ Highlight Items for K2 - An impressive Joomla 3.x module to emphasize items for K2 component.

The module will arrange items as images slider and retrieve items from categories. It comes with 2 demo skins: one will show item's backface when hover with brief information: title, short description, read more link; the other will show such information right on the image. You are free to select which categories to show or show all of them. Besides, you can also set the number of displaying items as well as set the size value for each item.

In addition, SJ Highlight Items for K2 is built to be a feature-rich module with many easy-to-use parameters. You are able to totally control this module without much coding knowledge. Just install this module and customize it as your wishes, your item will be impressively highlighted.

# Main Features
1. Support Responsive layout
2. Fully compatible with IE9+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.
3. Support Multi-Language
4. Allow to show/hide the module title
5. Support Multi-Module in the same page
6. Allow to set the column number for each screen resolution
7. Support opening link in: Parent Window, New Window, Popup
8. Allow to set the number of items to display
9. Allow to enter the number of Slide with screen resolution smaller than 768
10. Allow to Slide or Not
11. Allow to select one or all category in component
12. Choose the category which you want to show in this module
13. Allow to fetch items from children categories
14. Allow to show/hide featured items
15. Allow to display title/description of item OR not
16. Allow to set the maxlength of item’s title/ item's description
17. Allow to show/hide item's attributes: Readmore link, Content Info, Author, Created Date, Hit..
18. Allow to display Tab All Or Not
19. Allow to order tab by Name/Odering/Random
20. Allow to choose Preload Category
21. Allow to enter the title/description of Tab All
22. Allow to get image from various source
23. Allow to resize image and set the color of image background
24. Support stop when hover or not
25. Allow to input class suffix
26. Set custom layout for the module
27. Allow you to include Jquery OR NOT
28. Allow to select the HTML Tag for module header/title
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