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Jomsocial - K2 Integration 3.2.2
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A plugin that integrates K2 and Jomsocial links, avatars and other info.

The Jomsocial - K2 Integration plugin synchronizes K2 and Jomsocial users, replaces all user links/avatars/info in K2 pages with the ones from Jomsocial and inserts activities into the Jomsocial activity stream when a K2 item is created or updated.

Total Control

  • Replace user link in Category view
  • Replace user link/avatar/description/website in Item view
  • Replace user avatar/description/website in Author view
  • Replace user link/avatar in Comments

Activity Stream Integration

  • Add activity to the stream when a K2 item is created
  • Add activity to the stream when a K2 item is updated
  • Show item introtext in activity stream
  • Configure introtext word limit
  • Show item image in activity stream

User Integration

  • Synchronizes K2 and Jomsocial users
  • Select a K2 user group for Jomsocial user registrations
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