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Unpaid Orders Reminder for Hikashop and Virtuemart 1.1.3
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Automaticly send a friendly reminder to customers that left their order unpaid (pending , created , cancelled ...)
Email sent in the customer language, ability to join a specific coupon code etc...

  • Detects X days old unconfirmed orders
  • Ignored if customer confirmed a newer order or if already reminded
  • Sends (human like) friendly reminder email
  • With a BCC email to admin or anyone
  • Email sent in customer's language
  • Email personalized with customer name, language, order info, link to order page
  • Joins products list with link to each product page
  • Optionally generates and joins a Coupon code if order amount is enough
  • Processed by Cron Job or manually

You can try, ordering this extension, checking out and not confirming payment. You'll be kindly reminded in the next day (sorry no coupon code).

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Unpaid Orders Reminder for Hikashop and Virtuemart 1.1.3
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