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Maximage Background Slider is a background slideshow module for Joomla. It is powered by a JavaScript library created by Aaron Vanderzwan. You can see an example of the background slider on this page. It's a simple implementation, all you need to do is select your images (up to 10) and set the auto play speed. Your images will be automatically scaled to full screen, however be aware that smaller images will appear pixelated. Suggested image size is around 2560 x 1706 pixels @ 72 dpi. Try to keep each image under 300kb, otherwise it's going to take a long time to load. Note the images used on this example are 2316 x 1529 pixels.

There is no need to change any code on your site or in your site template, just assign this module to any module position visible on your site, for example "banner" position.

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