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Backstretcher 1.1.4
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Backstretch is module that display selected images as background and rotate them with nice fade effect.

The module features user friendly way to select images and order them. Also you can remove or add new images from the same parameter. Backstretch will allow you to select every image from "images" folder in the root of your site.

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Version 1.1.4 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2018-04-02
Website JED Developer StyleWare
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 20 € EUR

When you start to work with the module you need to set-up the following paramters:

  • Upload the images in the ../images/ folder in the root of your site
  • Select the images in the module parameters
  • Add module position
  • Assign the module to selected Joomla menus
  • Add "Element" - this is the ID of the HTML container where the images will be loaded. In our demo page this is "#ja-wrapper" - you can check the code with firebug or chrome inspector to find the main container of your template.

Available options:

  •  Images - you can select, order and remove the images that will be rotated. You can add as many as you wish number of images.
  •  Element - the id of the html container where the images will be loaded. Example "#ja-wrapper".
  •  Fade - the speed of the fadding effect
  • Speed - time to change to next image
  •  Enable jQuery - backstrech can load instance of jquery library
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Backstretcher 1.1.4
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